Latin America Veterinary Training Center Fundraiser

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Welcome to the Latin America Training Center Fundraiser page!

Your donation will help facilitate veterinary training throughout the year at the Latin America Training Center. Equipped with modern equipment such as gas anesthesia, central oxygen, pulse oximeters and fluid pumps, this center is a year round teaching facility that provides high quality instruction in surgical techniques and safe anesthesia. Throughout the year, the center, located in Granada, Nicaragua, is dedicated to training Latin American veterinarians and upper level veterinary students.

All surgeries are performed on community animals that are in need of sterilization. These much needed spay/neuter services as well as any additional medical treatments that may be needed for patient are provided completely free of charge to pet owners and the community. 

Your gift will help provide funding for the veterinary & training costs associated with these services.  Please give generously & help us continue our work with members of the veterinary field in Latin America. Thank you!

This account is managed by World Vets. All donations are tax deductible. Once you donate through this page, you will receive an email with a receipt of your contribution from World Vets that notes our 501(c)3 status. Keep this acknowledgement for your tax records.

Want to know more World Vets Latin American Veterinary Training Center? Watch the video above or click HERE.

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