Rabies Vaccines Fundraiser for Cambodia

Welcome to the Rabies Vaccines Fundraiser for Cambodia page!

Goal: $600
World Vets has an upcoming project in Siem Reap, Cambodia where a skilled team of volunteer veterinarians, technicians, students, and assistants will execute a large-scale spay/neuter campaign.  Rabies is a major public health concern in the community of Siem Reap.  We would like to provide rabies vaccinations in addition to the surgical services during our upcoming campaign and need your support! 
World Vets recognizes the importance of the One Health concept in which health of humans, animals and their ecosystems are inextricably linked.  These vaccinations will not only help animals, but also the people and community in which they live.  Please make a contribution and help us spread the word! 

100% of donations will go to support the dogs & cats of Siem Reap, Cambodia. 

Please give generously & help us reach our goal!  Thank you!

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